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Increase Website Traffic Easily

Increase Website Traffic Easily

Increase Website Traffic Easily

Easily increase your website traffic?

If you have a profit-making website, you know how important your incoming traffic is to your website. 
You read more and more articles about how you can easily get more traffic towards your website, but is it actually all that easy? 
Optimizing your website for the search engine starts at the base of your website and needs to be thought through in combination with hard work. Only writing for the search engine, without a goal or without a good website is ultimately mopping with the tap open.

How do you get visitors to your website?

The standard rule is very simple.
If you have a company website and you want to be found on a service or product, it is necessary that you have a page about the subject.

Do I get a lot of visitors if I have a page?
No, you are still in the initial phase for more traffic, but you do not have to expect more traffic immediately, because more than hundreds of competitors have such a page.
To get higher in the search engine you have to build up value.
This value depends on many factors, such as:

  • The time that your web-page is already online,
  • ·         How often the page is mentioned on the internet,
  •       The general quality of your other pages and accumulated value.The latter aspect in particular is becoming increasingly important to improve find ability in the search engine. It is no longer building on a single page, but building a fully qualitative and professional website. It is therefore not advisable to economize on your website during the initial phase. If you want to do well in the long term, then a good website, with layout and technical SEO factors, is essential.

The second phase » Keyword marketing

The second phase starts when you have properly laid out the basis, foundation, of your website. During the second phase you will determine which terms are 'converting' to you and what the search behavior of the consumer is. The keyword keyword planner from Ads is very suitable for this. They will no longer show exact numbers, but an indication. 

A good keyword research is the basis of your campaign.
With keyword research you are going to look at the possibilities there are even more aimed at your specific target group. The tactic is to attract more people from various angles towards your website, but to lead them as specifically as possible towards conversions. This tactic is also called the "spaghetti-to-the-wall" tactic. You throw spaghetti against the wall and look at what sticks. With this tactic it works with KEYWORDS in the same way. 
You start expanding and you automatically see what works and what doesn't work. This is a commonly used method especially for campaigns where you do not yet have insight. 

Pay attention! This method is going to take a lot of time to put it into quality, but you also extremely increase the quality of your website.

The third phase »Make your web pages known to the public

The different phases in this article are not executed one after the other, but run parallel to each other. The third phase can therefore be carried out simultaneously with phase 2. Once you are building your own website you can start 'publishing' your pages. 

To get your website higher in the search engines on specific search terms, Google must assign a value to your page. A big factor in how Google determines this is based on how often your web-page is listed on other qualitative websites.
The quantity is not the most important nowadays; it is no longer about quantity, but about quality.

The general rule is that you want to have 1 link to your web-page on a very professional website in, for example, a text related to your topic, then 10 links on daughter pages of start pages. Make no mistake, both methods work, but a link that you put more effort into is ultimately the reason why your website rises and continues to rise in the coming years and your competitor goes down.

Simple trick - to get more traffic

I should mention that this method is not suitable for everyone, but it is one of the easiest ways to easily generate more traffic. Are you, as an entrepreneur, also interested in the international target group and do you already have a strong website with a reasonable accumulated value, then it is certainly interesting to take a look abroad.

Translating your website is one of the easiest methods to also offer quality texts abroad. The only thing you have to take into account is that you translate your texts professionally. A grammatical error or a wrong sentence structure is very unprofessional.
Would you like more information about the online marketing of your website?
Then choose Online Junkies and let your website grow in the right way!

How To Increase Blog Traffic - 10 SEO Tips

How To Increase Blog Traffic

10 SEO Tips For More Traffic On Your Blog

As a blogger, you naturally need a lot of website visitors and other people who read your articles. This is especially important if you are a full-time blogger because you also want to get income from it. The larger your audience, the more companies will be interested in advertising on your blog. But how does one increase brand awareness and make sure that people find your blog? Very simple, with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It sounds complicated and confusing, we understand that.
That is why we give you 10 tip here on how you can increase the traffic to your blogs yourself.

seo tips for more traffic on blog
Increase Blog Traffic

1. Google Analytics and Search Console

Let's start with the basics; a Google Analytics and Search Console account. Don't have an account yet? Then create this quickly. With this, you ensure that Google can actually find your blog. And being visible in Google search results is, of course, a must! Also not unimportant, with these tools you get insight into your website (pages), visitors and your position in the search results. Create an account here: 
  •  Google Analytics
  •  Search Console

2. SEO plugin

You probably have already got a couple of plugins installed on your website. Is one already focused on SEO optimizations? This is important to have, especially as a blogger. Use a plugin with which you'll view, edit and manage the SEO on every page. We use Yoast for this. This plugin is sort of common and is strongly offered by many bloggers.

With Yoast, you've got an on-page content analysis, XML sitemap and other very useful functions. Also nice, it's a free plugin in WordPress and very easy.

3. Sitemaps 

A well-organized sitemap is a definitive must for SEO! You have two variants, namely an HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap.

HTML sitemap is an extra page and gives a clear overview of your website visitors about all pages on your website.
An XML sitemap is a file with pages and messages. This tells the search engines which pages they can see.

A well-organized sitemap is extremely important because search engines like Google read this file.

4. Redirect all 404s

Everyone sometimes comes across a 404 error page on an internet site. A robot automatically places this on a page once they encounter a link that not works.

It is important to regularly check whether you've got such pages because you obviously don't want error pages. Besides, it also works very badly for your SEO. With for example MoZ, screaming frog and another plugin, such as Redirection, you can easily solve this yourself.

First, scan your website with MOZ, screaming frog. Also, to duplicate content, this tool gives you insight into which pages have a 404. Then with Redirection, you can redirect the page to a page that is active and comparable.

5. Duplicated content

Now that you have an SEO plugin and an organized sitemap, it's time to look at the content. First of all, it's important to get rid of duplicated content. Robots that crawl your website get confused when there is duplicate content. This applies to both the texts and the meta description. Neither can be double.

Useful tools that you can use for this:
  • MoZ: This program makes an extensive scan of your website and finds, among other things, double (page) titles and meta descriptions.
  • Site liner: An online tool that checks whether there is duplicate content within your website. It shows exactly which pages the duplicated content is on.

  • SmallSeoToolsThis online tool checks whether there's duplicate content with other websites. Try to make your text as unique as possible and avoid having duplicated content with perhaps your competitors.

6. Increase the website speed

Now that the duplicate content and the 404 error pages have been removed, it's time to increase the speed. But how and why? The speed of your website affects your entire SEO. You will be punished by Google albeit your website is just too slow. A useful gizmo to see this is often Google PageSpeed Insight. It controls the speed of your blog for both desktop and mobile.

7. Linkbuilding time

The ultimate goal for every blogger or company is to be on page 1 of Google. Preferably at the very top of place 1. Important for this is having a blog with high authority. The more high-quality links that link to your blog, the higher your authority will be. And not to mention, the amount of links to your blog is one of the biggest influences for SEO.

Pay attention! It is important not to exchange a link with any company. Try to find companies that have already got high authority.

There are different ways to link building:

  • Write a guest post for other blogs or websites (don't forget to include a link to your own blog);
  • Ask other blogs or websites if they want to link to your blog (for a fee or with a re-link).

8. Alt texts

Perhaps, as a blogger, you already spend tons of your time searching and taking the proper photos and pictures for your article. This is good because images can give your SEO an additional boost. It is not only the correct resolution, size, and placement that is important. The alt texts also need some attention. They give you an extra place to process an important keyword. Google not only views texts on a website but also the alt texts of your images. So don't forget to use this SEO boost!

9. Do not publish to publish

As a blogger, you are constantly busy with writing and publishing articles. It is important to require under consideration whether the content of your articles is usable for the reader. Try to take into consideration that what you publish is usable for the reader.

10. A keyword analysis

We will now start researching the keywords for your article. To make it easier, we have divided it into two points.

1) How do you do a keyword analysis?

There are several ways to do keyword analysis. The Google search bar is a free and easy way. Have you noticed that when you type something in the search bar your question or term often appears below it? These are suggestions from Google and the most popular search terms that people search for. A disadvantage of this method is that it gives you no further information, like the search volume.

Another way to research keywords is through a web service. Many companies offer tools and programs to help you with this. Do you have a Google Adwords account? Then have a look at their Keyword planner. It gives you an inventory of keywords and suggestions, but also what the search volume per month is. Other programs that will help are SEMRush and Ahrefs.

Do not focus on one specific keyword, this does not work positively for your article and can quickly be seen as about optimization. Instead, it is good to include variations of the most important keyword in your article. Another option is to process your keyword in a long tail. A longtail keyword consists of 3 to 4 words and is usually less competitive.

2) Where do you place the keyword?

Now that you simply have chosen a keyword for your article, it's important that you simply use it correctly. For SEO, it is important to put your keyword at least in the following places:

  • In the title of your article. The earlier in an H1, the better.
  • In the URL. domain.com/keyword

What is Investment Banking - Investment Definition - Investment Banker Salary

What is investment banking - (IB)? Investment definition and Plans

An Investment bank is a financial intermediary that performs a variety of services. Investment banks specialize in large and complex financial transactions such as underwriting, acting as an intermediary between a securities issuer and the investing public, facilitating mergers and other corporate reorganizations, and acting as a broker or financial adviser for institutional clients.

An investment bank is a finance company that specialists in helping companies raise funds - whether it is in the form of equity capital or debt (Loans and Bonds) from other investors.
What is Investment Banking - Investment Definition - Investment Banker Salary  investment in india

A Commercial Bank (also called as Retail Bank) works in the following way. They save money from depositors and give interest on it. they deploy the saved money in loans like home loan, car loan or personal loan and earn interest on it. The interest loan on deposit. In this way the earn money. It is generally a low risk business.

An INVESTMENT BANK, unlike Commercial Bank, perform the following functions -

Help Institutional Investors Invest their Money

Institutional Investors can be Mutual Fund, Insurance company or any company having a large pool of money. Investment Bank (IB) have a research department which does the company and stock research, create valuation model of companies and gives buy/sell recommendations to institutional investors. IB also helps them in executing the trade for which it takes a commission of 1-2%. IBs have a Sales & Trading department which buys stocks on behalf of investors. they keep a close watch on the market to minimize the execution charge.

Merging & Acquisition 

It is the heart and soul of IB. Suppose there are some people who want to sell their company so IB does the task of finding investors for that company. They buy the company from the sellers and sell it at a profit to the buyers. They analyze the financial information, historical & projected financial result of the target company. The generally have a pitch book which is a presentation, which contains the market size, competitiveness information of the company. The provide information to clients using this pitch book.

Help in Raising Capital

A company who wants to raise capital can go to Commercial Bank but due to being risky, the bank may refuse it. So another way to raise money is from the market buy launching IPO/IFO. If a company itself tries to launch an  IPO/IFO their would be many things to consider like legality, their valuations & different processes involved, So, they find an IB to do it. IBs have expertise in valuation and deciding the share prices. They have a strong network of investors which helps them in raising capital for companies for which they charge a percentage of the amount raised.

Investment Banker Salary

  1. Money isn't as much as you'd expect and often huge portion are differed for years.
  2. Divorce is extremely common as you end up rarely seeing your family
  3. You'll have to cancel vacations or family events
  4. Bonuses are entirely discretionary and decided by your boss.
Investment Banker is an individual working in investment bank. Investment bank provide services to companies. Investment banks help companies in securing funds i.e. investment. They are experts in the field of shares, capital, and entrepreneur. They provide financial assistance to company capital.
Investment Banks operate separately or they can also be in Banks in investment wings.

Their Salary range from 35000 Rs minimum to 1.5 Lac per month.



How to Start Blogging | Make Money Blogging for Beginners

How to Start Blogging | Make Money Blogging for Beginners

How to Start Blogging | Make Money Blogging for Beginners, Money-Earn with blogging


Do you wonder how you'll make money by blogging?  Many bloggers actually made money with their blogs. Most of them were "normal" people, who often also started making money by accident with their blog.

I then also started a blog ( reading tip: create your own free blog in 10 minutes ) and I also earned some money. But I soon noticed that it wasn't that easy in Flanders to get an income from a blog.

Today I view a blog completely differently. A blog is not "just a blog", a blog is really a "business", and that is how you should approach it.

I did not write this article from the point of view of "purely bloggers", but also for the self-employed and companies who regularly publish blog articles on their blog

How Do Bloggers Earn Money?

There are alternatives and many ways to earn money with a blog. In this article, I will show you 14 ways to make money with a blog. It is up to you to find out which way is best for you and what works for you.

I hope that after reading this article you will realize that you can also use a blog perfectly to promote your company, products or services. In this way, a blog does not provide a "direct" income, such as through advertisements, but an indirect income. Your blog will then generate new visitors who will eventually become customers.

How much money can you earn from blogging?

How much money you can earn with a blog depends on many factors. If your blog is a reference in your profession, you can certainly earn a nice amount thanks to your blog.

If your blog is more personal and there are advertisements here and there, then you will be happy with a few $ per month.

A common mistake is that someone starts blogging about a little bit of everything. The chance that you will earn money on the basis of such a blog is really very small. If, on the other hand, you delineate your topic and become the reference about that topic, then the chances are much more real than you will eventually earn money through your blog (but then the road is long!).

I myself have a number of customers who have grown their business through a blog. They do not see themselves as bloggers, but thanks to their blog they do attract enough new customers. In my opinion, that is the most feasible way to generate a good income through a blog in Flanders. Unless of course, you start blogging in English, the cards are different.

How can you make money blogging?

In this article, I discuss the following 14 ways to make money with blogging:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Develop an Online Course
  4. Create a Paying Newsletter
  5. Publish a Newsletter (free or not)
  6. Organize Free Webinars
  7. Publish Sponsored Articles
  8. Write Articles for other Websites
  9. Promote the Products / Services that you Sell
  10. Organize a Workshop
  11. Coach Your Followers
  12. This way you can Earn Money with Instagram
  13. This way You can Earn Money with Vlogging
  14. Join an Influencer Program

1) Google AdSense

Advertisements are the simplest way to make money with blogging, but the chance that you will get rich from this is almost nil. Google AdSense is easy to implement on your blog, making it a popular option.

Unless you have a lot of visitors, I don't recommend this. Finally, advertisements often have a negative influence on the user experience. If you then only earn a few $ per month in advertisements, this is really not worth it.

However, if you have a blog that attracts thousands of visitors every month, it will be a different story. In that case, it can be interesting to get started with Google AdSense. Again, it won't make you rich, but it can provide an additional source of income.

2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing promotes a product or service on your blog. When your visitor goes via your blog to the website that sells the service or product and actually makes a purchase, you get a commission.

The amount of commission in affiliate marketing depends on various factors. This may be a small percentage, but a commission of $ 100 (or even more) is certainly no exception!

How do you tackle this in concrete terms? The best way is to write/create valuable content. For example tutorials or reviews  Or maybe you are (a starting) influencer and you have a good number of followers on Instagram...

Do you have a blog and do you want to get an idea of the possibilities? Then take a look at Trade Tracker. Trade Tracker is one of the better Affiliate marketing providers. I myself am also a member of it. You can register for free and you will find that they have interesting affiliate programs in every category. Whether you have a travel blog or a fashion blog (or something else), you will probably find an affiliate program that suits you.

3) Develop an Online Course

Successful bloggers often also develop an online course. That can be about the topic they blog about, but sometimes also blogging or online marketing, about how they have dealt with things and have become successful.

Such an online course can take various forms. This way you can also give access to a protected part of your website, where deeper or more elaborate content is offered. These days, this is often combined with video. Thanks to a video you can approach a 1-on-1 experience.

Online courses are also regularly supplemented with coaching via, for example, a Skype call. I personally find that very interesting. This way you combine a theoretical course with customized advice and feedback during the Skype call. This gives real added value.

The advantage of such an online course is that it is easily scalable; you make that 1x and then you can resell it unlimited times. But make no mistake, creating an online course, especially when working with video, requires a lot of work. If you use WordPress, you can relatively easily expand your blog with such an e-learning platform. There are different plugins for that.

4) Create a Paying Newsletter

There are also successful bloggers who have a paying newsletter. They then send a newsletter with exclusive tutorials or tips at specific times. This is often the case with bloggers who give tips about shares. This includes some very successful bloggers where readers are willing to pay for interesting information sent via newsletters.

5) Publish an E-Book (free or not)

E-books are also a very popular source of income for bloggers, both paying and non-paying.

Paying E-Books

The most obvious form of e-books is paying e-books. For bloggers, this is also a relatively easy way to make money (provided you have a steady audience).

Often we start from the most popular posts that have already been written on the blog. These are then changed or supplemented with (a lot of) extra information and tips...

Free E-Books

Perhaps you are now wondering how you can make money from a free e-book? Well, that is certainly possible, even if it is in an indirect way.
For many bloggers, collecting email addresses is very important. When they then publish a new blog post, they also immediately send out a newsletter to people who are already interested in the type of content they publish.

If you as a blogger earn money through advertisements or affiliate marketing, email marketing is a tool that should not be underestimated. But even if you want to sell products or services (in the long term), such an email list is very important.

There is, however, a small "but". Namely, your visitors will not just leave their email address so that you can chase them with emails (even if they find your content interesting). That's why it's a good idea to give something in its place. A free e-book is a great idea! Collect your 10 most popular blog posts, turn them into an e-book, and you have a free "gift" to give away when someone signs up for your newsletter.

6) Organize Free Webinars

Free webinars are also an indirect form of income. With a free webinar, you first of all provide interesting information and create a trust for your visitors: your visitor will get to know you and will be more inclined to become a customer of you. This is particularly interesting if you also offer services or products in addition to your blog.

Even though webinars are easy to set up these days, you also have to take into account some technical aspects :

  • Good Quality of Camera
  • Good Quality of Microphone

Often you start with the webcam and microphone that are standard on your computer. Even though the quality is ok for a normal Skype call, they are often too short for professional use.
That is why it is interesting to invest in a better webcam (if necessary) and especially a better microphone.
Free webinars are often used by software developers. It is an ideal way to remotely give an information session to potential customers worldwide.
But you don't necessarily have to be a big company to organize a free webinar. As a "small self-employed person," you can also perfectly organize a free webinar. The goal is the same; present your products and services and "create" trust for your potential customers .

7) Publish Sponsored Articles

As your blog becomes more popular, you will also receive requests for sponsored articles. If you have a small blog, you will receive questions from companies that would like a link to their website, often in addition to an article that you have written.

If your blog is gaining certain popularity, companies will also be willing to pay for a link to their website. The correct amount depends on many factors, but the more specific the topic you blog about and the more readers you have, the higher the amounts become.

It is important here that you "connect" your visitors to your blog; that is possible via social media or a free newsletter. As soon as you publish a new blog article, you can also let us know via your social media channels and via your newsletter.

8) Write Articles for Other Websites

Here too I will make a distinction between writing free articles (= guest blogging) and paid assignments.

Write free articles = guest blogging

With guest blogging, you are going to write an article for another blog, usually an authority within a certain topic. It is not intended that you earn money directly with it. The goal is rather to attract a new audience, readers who click through to your blog by reading your article. As a blogger (or as a company) that is important because you depend on the number of readers you have each month.

Paid assignments

It is possible that your writing style and expertise catch the eye of other companies. Or perhaps you have built a certain name or authority around a certain subject, which causes companies to pay you to write for them. There are no fixed amounts for this, it all depends on your expertise and your familiarity. The amounts for this may be relatively low at the beginning, but as you build up expertise and experience, you may demand higher amounts.

9) Promote the Products / Services that you Sell

If your blog is part of your company website, you can also use your blog to promote your products and services. Do not think of ordinary advertising, but of informative or inspiring blog articles.

Inspire your visitors. Some companies use their blog to inspire potential customers.
Another commonly used technique is that you publish blog articles and give away a little bit of valuable information. If your readers want customized advice, they must contact you. For example, a bookkeeper who publishes an article with general tax tips for entrepreneurs, where you can contact us for tailor-made advice.

10) Organize a Workshop

Another option to make money with blogging is to organize workshops.

Suppose you have a popular blog about photography, then it can be interesting to offer workshops to your readers. Your readers are already following you because they find your blog articles interesting. Be sure that some are also willing to pay money for an interesting workshop. An advantage is that they already know you, you already have a (trust) relationship with them, so you no longer have to convince them of your knowledge and skills.

Preparing a workshop takes some time, but the advantage is that you can give the same workshop a number of times. An additional advantage is that different people can register for the same workshop.

11) Coach your Followers

This way of making money with blogging is similar to the above, but with the difference that you are going to coach your followers individually. Certainly, if you have a certain authority in your domain, your readers will be open to it and sometimes even ask behind it. Coaching someone individually does, of course, take some time, but the amounts that are requested for this are usually a lot higher.


12) This is How You Can Earn Money with Instagram

Nowadays  Instagram is also a popular channel for making money. That is not really by blogging, but by posting beautiful, inspiring photos. This is especially popular with fashion and travel bloggers. Here too, the more followers you have, the larger the amounts you can ask for sponsored posts.

But don't let money be your first motive here, because then you will give up quickly. It takes a lot of time before you build up a good number of real (!) Followers.
It is more important that you start with your passion. Also stick to 1 topic, which is easier for followers to follow you for a specific topic.

If you are a blogger, Instagram can be an interesting channel to find new followers or to keep your followers informed of new blog posts. Your most recent Instagram posts are easy to integrate on your website, which also has several advantages.

If you want to know more about this, be sure to read this article explaining how you can make money with Instagram.

13) This is How You Can Earn Money with Vlogging

With vlogging, you don't write blogs but you create video blogs and preferably post them on YouTube. Because YouTube shows advertisements with videos, it is possible that you earn money by publishing videos/vlogs. Here, the more your video is viewed, the more you can earn with it. But don't make any illusions yet, with a few hundred views per month you won't earn anything.

The most popular vloggers are currently very focused on entertainment. As a company, it is very difficult to get enough views to earn anything from it. Yet there are also possibilities here!

You can start your own YouTube channel and place tutorials or "how-to" videos on it because that kind of videos is still very popular on YouTube. Not that you will earn anything from advertising revenue, but this way you can attract new visitors to your blog or website.

You can also place YouTube videos on your website very easily. In some cases, this will lead to higher rankings in Google! Video is also an ideal way to create more confidence with your visitors; this way they really see or hear you busy.

14) Join an Influencer Program

If you have a lot of followers, via whatever channel, then you are interesting for companies. It is much more interesting for companies to have their products promoted by influencers, who are much closer to their followers, then simply through traditional (impersonal) advertising.

This is relatively new, but the number of influencer programs is evolving rapidly. More traditional marketing agencies are also rolling out influencer programs, precisely because the ROI is very interesting for companies.

Extra Tips to Make Money with Blogging

Make your blog personal.

Stick to 1 topic and make sure that you become the reference.

It takes a while before you start seeing results from your blog, which is why many bloggers give up at an early stage. Count on a minimum of 6 months ...

Make sure you bet on different ways to make money in the beginning. As you become more popular, you will notice what works best for you.

Content is king, publish content that your target audience really wants to read

Do not be a copycat of another blog, it is important that you are unique and the reference in your domain

The blog initially not for the money! If that is your main goal, in the beginning, you will never last




Blogger Kya Hai | Blogger For Beginners

Blogger Kya Hai | Blogger For Beginners

Blogger Kya Hai | Blogger For Beginners

You can earn enough money from Google Blogger platforms. It is free and one of the best and most popular blogging platform.

Most of the Beginner Bloggers try Google BLOGGER  at the beginning because it is really easy to handle and is beginner-friendly.

In blogger, Google controls your site. I think blogger is safe enough to earn enough money.


START and set up your blog on blogger.com as a blogger. Customize your blogger site.

  • Just keep posting new and unique contents regularly 
  • Market your blog at least on the Social Media platform to your friends
  • Display ads on your blog to get money for them
To get paid ads to display on your blog you can sign up with Google Adsens then display their ads on your blog.

ONLINE पैसे कमाने का आसान तरीका | इंटरनेट से पैसे कमाने के तरीके – Make Money Online

Online Money Earning Kese Kare

"इंटरनेट की दुनिया से आज हम ONLINE EARNING केसे कर सकते हैं , जानेंगे"
ONLINE पैसे कमाने का आसान तरीका | इंटरनेट से पैसे कमाने के तरीके – Make Money Online, Internet se paise kese kamaye
आज के समय में हर कोई चाहता है की घर बैठे कोई काम मिल जाये | इसके लिए ONLINE इंटरनेट की दुनिया में काम करना सबसे बेहतरीन तरीका है |

आइये जानते हैं किन किन तरीको से हम घर बैठे कमाई कर सकते है ............

अगर आपको INTERNET का अच्छा ज्ञान है तो आप अपना दिमाग और मेहनत के जरिये लाखो रूपये ONLINE EARNING कर सकते हैं |



ONLINE पैसे कमाने का यह बहोत ही अच्छा माध्यम है| जिसके जरिये आज कई व्यक्ति इसमें अपना CAREER  बना रहे हैं और लाखो रूपये प्रति माह कम रहे हैं | आप भी कम सकते हैं |


जिस प्रकार हम GOOGLE में किसी भी चीज को SEARCH करते हैं तो हमें कई सारी WEBSITE दिखाई देती है | उन WEBSITE पर लिखी गई जानकारी CONTENT ही को BLOGGING कहा जाता है |


BLOG की शुरुआत करने के लिए आपको गूगल के BLOGGER में जाकर SIGN UP करना होगा, उसके बाद आपको अपने ब्लॉग के लिए एक अच्छा सा नाम देना होगा जिसे DOMAIN NAME कहा जाता है |

इसी प्रकार की PROCESS आप WORDPRESS पर भी कर सकते है, BLOGGER की तरह वहाँ भी वेबसाइट बनाई जा सकती है|

WEBSITE CREAT करने के बाद आपको BLOG में अच्छे अछे विषय पर  POST लिखना होगा जिससे आपके BLOG में POST पड़ने के लिए VISITORS आने लगे |


जब आपके BLOG पर ज्यादा VISITORS और VIEWS आने लग जायंगे तथा आपका ब्लॉग GOOGLE में RANK होगा तो आपको GOOGLE ADSENS के लिए APPLY करना होगा यही से आपकी कमाई चालू होगी
जिस प्रकार हम किसी PRODUCT का प्रचार ADS करते है तो गूगल हमे उस AD के बदले में पैसा देता है |


आप YOUTUBE पर अपनी CREATIVE VIDEOS बनाकर UPLOAD कर सकते हैं जिसके बदले में  आपको YOUTUBE से पैसे मिलते हैं |


ONLINE PRODUCT को अपने BLOG, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM आदि SOCIAL मीडिया पर PROMOTE करना कहलाता है AFFILIATE MARKETING. इसके जरिये आप अच्छी खासी कमाई कर सकते हैं |


FREELANCING एक ऐसा PLATFORM हैं जहाँ से आप लाखो रु महिना तक कमा सकते हैं | अगर आपके पास कोई SKILL है जेसे के PHOTOSHOP, LOGO DESIGNING, PAGE MAKER, WEB DESIGN etc. तो आप अपने हुनर को ONLINE बेचकर मतलब कार्य करके पैसे कमा सकते हैं| 


आपके BLOG या SOCIAL MEDIA पर अच्छी FAN FOLLOWING है तो आप विभिन्न ऑनलाइन COMPANY से CONTACT कर सकते हैं की आप उनके PRODUCT को अपने BLOG पर PROMOTE करना चाहते हैं बदले में आपको कंपनी से पैसा मिलता है|

उम्मीद है आपको हमारे द्वारा दिए गए सुझाव से सहायता मिलेगी, COMMENT करके जरुर बताये, अगर आपका कोई सवाल है तो वो भी पुछ सकते हैं |